Welcome to ownCloud

This is the community production appliance. It is developed on github.com. Feel free to contribute!

Login credentials protected.

The ownCloud web interface is available via HTTP or HTTPS (preferred).

Depending on the network configuration of your virtual machine manager, one of the
following URLs (or similar) should work to access ownCloud:

Note: Please accept the warning in the browser if you connect via HTTPS. It is recomended
to buy your own certificate and replace the self-signed certificate to your own.

Here is a guide on how to publish your server online and change the certs.

To change passwords and other settings, log in at the system console as user 'admin' and follow the instructions.
The new credentials will not be shown. (Or simply click above to permanently hide them from web and console.)

To enable cron.php to run every 15 minutes by the system, please go to the ownCloud admin settings GUI
(...index.php/settings/admin), and change the setting from 'AJAX' to 'Cron'.